SimsTias Previews The Sims 3: Seasons!! Part 2! (English Version)

This article is about the things I learned from the event.

The Sims 3 Seasons introduce Aliens for the first time in Sims 3. Aliens are creatures that were in the Sims 2 and are now back in The Sims 3 Seasons!


Aliens - Aliens are green cretures from outerspace that wears space suits. Just like the Supernatural creatures Aliens have magic powers. But for Aliens it's called "Brain Power". Brain power will get weaker with time. Aliens need to sleep/relax to get back their "Brain Power"

Spaceship - The Sims 3: Seasons introduce's a new transport vehicle for the Aliens. The "Galaxa Space Car" can be place on your lot via the Buydebug cheat. Aliens can use the "UFO" to: Abduct sims, invade commercial lots, travel in space (If upgraded with the handiness skill.)

Destruction - When Aliens attacks a Commercial lot. All the sims will get panic and will start to run around like scared little chicken (Best reference ever.. lol) while awesome music is playing and the alien(s) is shooting with their lasers from the "UFO" (you need to upgrade the laser cannons to do this.)

Jobs - With The Sims 3: Seasons it comes a new part-time job for Aliens. They may be testsubjects for the  research facility and earn a little extra Simoleons.

Im going to thank EA, Joyce, Nicola Jenkins, Graham and everyone else who participated in this event again. It was super fun! :)