SimsTias Previews The Sims 3: Seasons!! Part 3! (English Version)

This article is about the things I learned from the event.

The Sims 3: Seasons brings holidays for the first time in The Sims 3. In this article I will write about one of the holidays. Namely Halloween or "Spooky Day" as it's called in The Sims. I will write Halloween instead of "Spooky Day" because i think it sounds dumb ;)

Halloween falls just like the other holidays, the last Monday of the Season.


Trick Or Treat!
 - With The Sims 3: Seasons your sims will be able to go Trick or Treating around the town. You can go and ring other families doorbell and ask for candy. Your Sim can then either eat the candy for himself or share it with other Sims (Candy will appear in your Sims catalog). Some sims such as evil or sims that don't like kids may ignore your Sim and might even scare him/her away from the yard. If you want and have Generations installed you can give back what they deserve by for example throwing eggs at their house.

Costumes - The Sims 3: Seasons comes with a variety of costumes for your Sims. Everything from Cowplants to Superhereos to hot dogs. If you Pre-order Seasons from Origin you'll get two unique costumes for your Sims. (See Pictures below)

Pumpkins - With The Sims 3: Seasons comes a brand new plant that you can grow. Pumpkins! These pumpkins you can carve out and cut into cool Halloween decorations. If you have a evil sim he/she can put a carved pumpkin on his/hers head and scare away candy begging children.

The Season - During the autumn your sims world will be changing dramatically. The trees will change color and eventually fall to the ground. It gets colder and your Sims might need to use outerwear clothes.

The Festival - With autumn it also comes a new festival to your town. The autumn festival will have pie eating contests, bobbing for apples, a haunted house to scare your Sims and lots more!

I want to once again thank EA, Joyce, Nicola Jenkins, Graham and everyone else who participated in this Event. It was Super FUN! :)