Is going to EA!

I sadly got sick before the event, So i sadly couldn't go :( But check for example out iSims Sveriges Preview on Thursday! Have been invited to to a Nordic Event at EA Sweden in Stockholm to get a first look at The Sims 3: University Life on the 8th February. Are you wondering about something in the Expansion pack or the event? Then post a comment down below and I'll try to answer it after the event.


  1. What new jobs are there?
    Cosmetology(please make it possible electronic arts we had cosmetology in sims 2 and it would be awesome to have it in sims 3)
    Get our hair done and nails done at a beauty salon that would not be a rabbit hole
    What are the Lifetime Wishes?
    What are the Lifetime Rewards?
    Will there be more majors?
    For example Fashion Major,Culinary Major,Acting Major,Education Major,Cosmetology Major
    Will there be a new town?
    When i post announcement of looking for a roommate can i put what gender and traits i want roommate to have?
    Can i live in university sub-hood?(this would be awesome please make it possible electronic arts)

    If you could please ask all this questions i would really appreciate it and Congratulations on being invited to get first look at sims3 university

    1. I will do my best to get all of them answered! :)

      And thanks! :)

  2. I hope you have a awesome time :D

  3. Congratulations and Have fun :D
    Could you please ask this question for me
    Can a sim get a full time job at sims 3 university because it would be great to have my sim become a professor at sims 3 university and be able to live permanently in the sub-hood

    Thank you :D


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