SimsTias Island Paradise Preview [Part 2/2]


Part 2 of 2. In this Preview i will show what to do on and under the water!

Above the Sea
Above sea level, there are lots of new things for your sims to do. Your sims can now for example do wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, sailing, etc.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise comes with a new profession for your sims. Your Sims can now become lifeguards and keep track of the beaches around the Isla Paradiso. To become a lifeguard, just use the computer or the newspaper.

A lifeguards job is to look after sims bathing in the sea and make sure they do not drown. When a sim is about to drown, it will come up an orange circle with a white cross on the Sim who is drowning. Then you have to as lifeguards run to save the Sims life and you can choose up to three different ways to get to the Sim who's drowning, you can choose to run in slow motion, walk or run like normal. When the lifeguard have reached the place where the sims is drowning he/she will swim out to the sim who is drowning and give him/her a lifebuoy and swim back to shore, sometimes sims will fake fainting and you then need to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on them.

Under the Sea
When you go under the water for the first time in Island Paradise you can do nothing but  say that it really is beautiful. I was really surprised by how beautiful and detail they had done it under the sea. Some Activities that can be done under sea is for example to look for treasures, catch fish, explore mysterious caves, take pictures with the brand new underwater camera, look for mermaids etc. But beware of the sharks! If a Sim sees a shark they can accidentally urinate on themselves under the water and it comes up a blue cloud around the Sim symbolizing pee. Sharks can also kill Sims and then the grim reaper will come up with a brand new animation!


Mermaids is the new creature that comes with the holiday paradise. Mermaids have Automatically level 10 in the skill diving and can therefor dive on all diving lots around Isla Paradiso. Their needs are also almost the same as regular sims except that they have blue gauges instead of green and hygiene is now called hydrogenation because they do not need to shower but the need to have contact with the water often instead. They also swim faster and do not need to breathe underwater, but they have to get water all the time and watch out for fires so they don't dehydrate. If a mermaid dries out, it dies and becomes a yellow ghost.

To become a mermaid, your Sim have to eat mermaidkelp. Kelp is mermaids favorite food. Kelp can be found under the sea or you can buy it with lifetime happines points. When your Sim then transforms, they get scaly legs in a random color, and also gets a tail when they are in the water. Mermaids are unfortunately not as said in create in Create a Sim, but when you have a mermaid in your family you can change it's look through the mirror or via testingcheatsenabled true and then shift click on the Sim you want to change scales / tail on.

The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper has received a small update in Island Paradise. If a Sim dies on a divinglot  the Grim Reaper will come with a trident instead of his scythe. This is actually pretty cool!

I want to once again thank Joyce, EA Sweden, SimGuruGraham and SimGuruSmitty for this awesome and unforgettable day!


  1. Jag har en fråga som jag hoppas du kan svara på. Om min sjöjungfru får barn kommer barnet födas så det bor under vattnet med sin mamma eller kommer den bara kunna vara på land tills den blir ungdom? Hoppas du förstår, tacksam för svar!


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