SimsTias Island Paradise Preview [Part 1/2]

It's that time of the year again, summer is here and yet another Sims expansion is released. SimsTias was lucky enough to play The Sims 3 Island Paradise at EA in Stockholm on Thursday, May 30. When EA first announced Island Paradise I was quite skeptical about this expansion, but now after playing it I can barely wait until it comes out! This preview will show you what I learned at EA and it includes lots of images. But unfortunately I didn’t catch everything in the Expansion because that would probably take more than five hours.
  This part of the Preview will be about the main things that comes with The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Part 2 will contain all the facts about mermaids and what to do over and under the sea. But what are you waiting for? Read my preview now! I promise you that you will not be disappointed...
Isla Paradiso
With The Sims 3 Island Paradise comes a whole new world called "Isla Paradiso". Isla Paradiso is a big world with lots of islands, both secret and not. The secret islands can be accessed in a lot of different ways, one of which I managed to do was to swim through an underwater tunnel/cave (Which I will write more about this in part two of this preview ...) then my sim popped up at an unknown location and it then became my sims very own island! Aside from finding all the islands you can use testingcheatsenabled true and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and press the delete on the secret islands. This clears the fog and the island is available for access. All small islands around the main island are accessible with houseboats, watercraft and swimming. Going with water vehicle is the fastest way to get around Isla Paradiso. I did unfortunately not check out everything in Isla Paradiso because the world is very big and I think probably this is the largest world EA/Maxis ever created for The Sims 3. And in Edit Town there aren’t so many new things. There are some  pre-built houseboats and parks for you to place if you want to.

Running a hotel/resort is a great new and fun feature that comes with The Sims Island Paradise. Your Sims can now run your own hotel/resort and go from zero stars to a five star hotel/resort!

To start a hotel you have to buy another plot of land or a houseboat through the phone. Once you have bought a plot of land you can choose to have another home (Private lot) or turn it into a hotel.

When it's done, you can build your hotel from the ground or simply use the new Blueprints that comes with Island Paradise, the choice is yours! But you must have a reception desk and a "hotel tower", the reception desk must be available so your sims will be able to receive visitors and take care of your employees. Hotel tower must also be in place to take care of your visitors, if all the rooms are occupied they use the hotel tower instead for sleeping, going to the bathroom etc.

Reception desk comes with some new opportunities for your Sim, ie, they may employ up to three people to help your Sims hotel such as cleaning, fixing things, etc. They are three kinds of staff to hire, cheap, medium or expensive. Most expensive work harder but will obviously want a higher salaries than the cheap and medium employees. You can also determine your employees' uniforms with the reception desk, check finances, check out reviews, change the price of the rooms and put down the hotel in case you get tired of taking care of other Sims.

If you do not want to own hotels then Island Paradise comes with the opportunity for our Sims to stay in hotels around the city. From the start, there are three deployed and ready hotel for your Sims to stay at, a modern, a Moroccan and a beach inspired hoetl. When your Sim check in you get the choice to stay there for four nights and choose to stay in a standard or luxury room.

Buy and Build Mode
There’s actually a decent amount of new, stylish and useful items in Island Paradise. There are e.g. a brand new underwater camera that allows your Sims to take photos under the sea and also lots of different water vehicles! There will be lots of new "Blueprint" too, both with the patch and the expansion. Also in Buydebug you can now find things from under the sea from Isla Paradiso. And maybe a new Gnome ;)

Create a Sim (CAS)
Most of the hairstyles and clothing in Island Paradise looks great. All clothes fit with the worlds theme. However, as usual the girls get more stylish clothes / hairstyles compared to guys, and this time they actually remembered to put some new clothes for the kids and teenagers. (I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of their new clothes, but it's basically just diving suits that are new to them and some everyday clothes.) And there’s also some new tattoos for your sims.

Island Paradise comes with 2 brand new traits for your sims:

Sailor – These sims loves to be out on the sea, they rather be on a boat than on land and won’t get sea sick.

Loves to swim – These sims loves to swim, they are better at diving etc.

Lifetime Wishes

·  Deep Sea Diver: The bottom of the ocean hides treasures and creatures never seen by land dwelling Sims. Only the bravest and foolhardy divers can survive the deadly deep searching for underwater riches. Be sure to bring your oxygen tank!
- Master the Diving Skill.
- Earn 40,000 Simoleons from Selling Diving Collectables.
·  Resort Empire: To become a true hotel mogul, your Sim will need to manage employees, maintain a profit, and always satisfy patrons. Once your Sim has created the perfect resort empire, travelers from all around will flock for a chance to stay at your luxurious getaway.
- Own a Five Star Resort.
- Collect 40,000 Simoleons in Resort Profit.
·  Seaside Savior: Anyone can be a lifeguard, but a Sim that rescues drowning Sims is a true hero! Be a hero in your town.
- Rescue 50 Sims as a Lifeguard.

Lifetime Rewards

·  Strong Stomach - Nausea and seasickness are things of the past! 2,000 points
·  Hotel Mogul - Learn to squeeze every ounce of profitability out of your resorts. Hotel Moguls receive a bonus on all resort income. 15,000 points
·  Mermadic Kelp - Gives you a bite-sized bit of Mermadic Kelp strong enough to bring out the fish in any Sim. 25,000 points
·  Uncharted Island Map - If there is a uncharted island to be found, this map will surely reveal it. 25,000 points
·  Friend of the Kraken - The fearsome Kraken bows to your will! Boats that you are on will never be targeted by the Kraken. You can also order the Kraken to wreak havoc on any boat that you wish. 30,000 points

Island Paradise comes with two new radio stations for our Sims to dance to. Check below for the radio stations and their songs.

Island Life

  • David Arkenstone - Beach Party
  • Lars-Luis Linek - Pan Jam
  • David Arkenstone - Sand Dance
  • Lars-Luis Linek - Steelchase
  • Lars-Luis Linek - Sunsplash
Beach Party
  • Sam and The Womp - Bom Bom
  • Katy Tiz - Famous
  • Walk Off The Earth - Gang Of Rhythm
  • Ozomatli - Join The Party
  • Rocky Dawuni - Reggae Carnivale Style Rocky
  • The CayMan - Uppsie Bray

I want to thank EA Sweden, Joyce, SimGuruGraham and SimGuruSmitty for this wonderful day! I had a blast being there.